Can't believe we can't install Vlingo or Google Now on ICS?

Richard Powell2

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Jan 12, 2014
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I have a rooted HTC that is running ICS flawlessly. But I really need Vlingo or something as good so I can use voice commands and a car dash setting so I can access my music from Google Music Player in the car (from the my library cloud)

But unbelievably, Vlingo does not show up in the market for ICS? Or is this just HTC? How stupid is it that the millions of people who can't have Google Now on ICS ALSO can't have VLINGO that came out over 3 years ago?

Is there an .apk file for rooted phones to install Vlingo without the market? I know Google Now is completely killed for ICS and no one is trying to make that work anymore.

Or, if I can't get Vlingo, is there a voice activated app like Vlingo for a dash type application to play my music?

Did Google pay off Vlingo to not allow it on ICS so that we have no choice but to buy Jelly Bean phones? (since there is no equal in voice command to Google Now and Vllingo)

I'm getting sick of how Google sold us out. You can have Google Now on the freaking iphone, but not ICS? WTF.

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