Can't disable blue LED notification light on LG Flex 2, how can I do this?


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Can't disable blue LED notification light on LG Flex 2

My phone has had a constant dull blue LED notification all day and it's driving me crazy. I've done various things to try to fix it, such as disabling all notifications, turning the phone off, resetting the phone, downloading and using apps like Light Flow and nothing seems to be working. I have found however after doing all these things that when I get a different colored LED notification, say green for texts, it disables the blue and everything goes away. Similarly if I go in and change notification settings around and cause a light to pop up the blue light goes away, however as soon as I turn the screen on again it comes back. No matter what I do to get it to go away, the next time I turn the screen on it comes back immediately and then it stays. If there's anyway to disable to LED blue start up notification that LG's have when turning the screen on please fill me in, because that appears to be where this problem is coming from.

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