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Mar 9, 2011
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Hey everyone. I picked up my Motorola Atrix on the 26th, and I've been messing around with it and enjoying it very much. My only problem with it so far is that I cannot download attachments via email on it; this applies to both Gmail and Yahoo. In my case, my friend sent me an .mp3 file. I was unable to download it via the sendspace link he forwarded to me, and I was also unable to download it when he actually attached the .mp3 file to the email. Yahoo actually told me the attachment (at 12.9 mb) was too large. I was doing some research, and people on other forums were saying that, by default, there are limits to attachments that the device sets. Some people were saying they had success by changing this limit to be much greater than the default 25kb that it is set to to. Others were saying that they had success by "accepting all ssl certificates." Unfortunately, I don't know where either of these settings reside on my phone, and I've been looking for the last hour and a half! Does anyone here know how to find these settings so I can resolve my problem? Thanks in advance.

For reference, here are the threads I found:

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