Can't enable Music Audio for my bluetooth device on phone after pairing it to PC once

Andre Rocha4

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Aug 11, 2020
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Hello, I recently bought a pair of bluetooth earbuds (enacfire e60) that up until now have worked perfectly.

I was using it this morning without any issues on my Samsung A40 but decided to also pair them to my windows 10 PC. They are working perfectly fine on the PC, in fact I'm listening to music on them right now.

The trouble begins when I want to use them again on my phone. I disconnected them from the PC and connected on my phone but can only use them for calls. When I try to enable the music audio on the bluetooth device settings, it doesn't let me (and doesn't tell me why).

What I've obviously tried:

- unpairing and pairing again.

- unprairing from the PC altogether

- restarting the phone

- restarting the phone in safe mode

- doing the audio separation thing, but it doesn't work because the phone doesn't recognize the earbuds as an audio player anymore

I was listening to them just fine this morning on my phone so I know they work. I am listening to them now so I know they work on the PC.

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