Can't find my camera or my gallery after update??


Oct 14, 2012
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The rom update has been in house at verizon for months for testing. Google nor LG push the updates , verizon does. they way they work is that verizon has a contract with manufacturers to give them the rom update. verizon in turn tells lg what they need to fix to meet their standards for their network (usually tell them to add bloatware.). almost all updates from the manufacturers lg samsung and htc are flawed in some way or the other. it is verizons job to test it for THEIR custumers in order for flaws to be fixed to verizons standards. verizon has had it for months and oked the update and pushed it as an approved working update. The problem was that not many handsets were sold so they did not put to much empasis on testing for their customers. lg and verizons are at fault but per contract verizon sings of on it and test on it for review of bugs etc.

ex. verizon has a legal obligation to the THEIR end user which they sold the phone to especially when subsidized.. ever notice the verizon logo on all phones. its a verizon backed product manufactured by lg. (you deal with verizon and should not have to deal with lg, as a matter of fact you cant deal with lg direct for warranty replacement since they are not the backers, verizon is..

what im trying to say is that verizon by law must satisfactorily deal with the customer and not scapegoat to their sub contractor. it is like walmart telling you to contact the bejing factory in china because your coffee table arrived with parts missing....

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Sep 10, 2012
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Yeah amazing how when you call Verizon they are telling people its LG's fault. I even had one Verizon tech ask me to call LG and talk to their customer service! What a bunch of idiots

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Alok Birla

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Jul 5, 2013
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I too updated my android galaxy s2 to 4.1.2. Now am unable to find my old notes icon /app..cannot find it nywhere I cud look.
Any guess where to locate it and restore it?? GOT MOST OF MY NOTES THERE


Aug 17, 2013
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My husband found the software fix for his lg intuition on a website (that he don't remember) and now his gallery and play store and camera works now. He wants to root it but is having no luck. Does anybody have any suggestions?

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