Can't get car to automatically play podcasts when connected to phone

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Wherever i get into my car and my phone (currently a Samsung galaxy s20 fe, but happened the same with my s9) pairs to the Bluetooth, instead of continuing the podcast i was last listening to, the display comes up blank and doesn't play anything. I have to go onto my phone and start the podcast and then it plays through the Bluetooth. If i leave the car for a short period, it will automatically continue the podcast (i use Google podcasts), but any reasonable amount of time and it loses the app and i have to start again.
If i play any music on the phone (through Samsung music), the car will automatically continue playing it, even weeks later, but not podcasts.
I listen to podcasts a lot.
I've looked through and tried changing a lot of settings but nothing works. Is it an app issue (i.e. should i be using a different podcast app) or is there a setting i can change?

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