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Can't hear audio from both sides of Headphone


Aug 8, 2013
I have my S7 for about 5-6 months, using Poweramp to listen to music.
Everything worked perfectly until one day for no apparent reason, after I plugged my Headphone as I always do I could hear only from the left side.
I researched this error and no fix worked; not cleaning the phones' audio port, not going into the settings and balancing/panning left or right and other ways...
The strange thing is that when fully plugged the audio comes out of the left ear even after setting the panning to the right side (both is Poweramp & via settings)...
I understand that fixing this issue would require opening the phone, so before I do that can anyone help me fix this problem?
I forgot to mention that I tried 4 different Headphones; all sound was still through left side.
Thanks a lot and I hope we can solve this.
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Aug 4, 2012
Have you tried an alternate music app; Pandora, Samsung Music, etc., to see if your problem still exists? If not, poweramp may need to be cache cleared or completely reinstalled.


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Nov 15, 2013
You could switch to bluetooth headphones; that would give you stereo without having to open the device up and void your warranty. If that still has the problem then it's an electronics problem?.


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Feb 13, 2011
If it is under warranty, take it back for repair or replacement! Be sure the headphone plug is plugged all the way in to the headphone jack. Many cases do not have a hole big enough for some headphone plugs to plug in all the way. Remove the case and try that is there is a doubt!