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Can't locate a file that is taking up a lot of space on my phone

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I recent was recording on my LG G2 phone when it said I ran out of space. So I stopped recording and I went into my camera folder and saw it only recorded 53 seconds of my 10 minute video. I deleted it, but it still says my memory is full. So I decided to move all of my photos onto my computer. The problem is that it stills says I have 2.67 gb when I literally click on the "pictures,video" section and it says "no file".

If there really is no file, how the hell is it taking up 2.67gb of space? My only theory is that 2.67gb of space are corrupted video files, but my question is how the hell do I get rid of it when I can't even find it? There's no thumbnail for me to delete and I can't seem to find it anywhere on my phone. Please help!


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Feb 12, 2012
I assume that you were saving to internal storage. It's possible that 2.67GB of nodes were allocated, but no name was entered into the directory, so you can't find any file by name. There are tools that can clean that up, but the phone would have to be rooted, you'd have to know a bit about Linux, and you'd have to hope that Google included the necessary utility (or that BusyBox has it).

If you were saving to an external SD card, just copy all the files on it to a folder on your PC, format the card, then transfer all the files back. (Copy folders unless the files are on the root of the card, so you maintain the folder structure.)

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