Can't root my S7 edge


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I have been trying to root my S7 Edge (G935F) using Odin and Chainfire, and whenever I go through the entire process (Odin says "Pass"), my device freezes at the booting screen. Normally, when my phone boots it vibrates once and after the Samsung Logo my carrier logo (Three mobile) is displayed. After that the phone boots into Android. Now, when I root the device, every time it reaches the "Three mobile" logo it vibrates twice and won't proceed anywhere from there. The only way to make it boot is to restore my phone to factory defaults and wipe all data. Any ideas?


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Apr 7, 2011
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The bootloader appears to be starting the device, but you've described the phone hanging when the OS loads. The SM-G935F has a lot of local/regional versions. It sounds like you either didn't get the correct firmware for your device and region, or your firmware download was corrupted.

I'd recommend that you start over with a fresh copy of the firmware, verifying that you have the correct one for where you're going to use the phone.