Can't turn off bluetooth device during call


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Jul 18, 2013
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I have a Droid RAZR MAXX and am currently on Android 4.1.2. I use bluetooth headsets for making calls and until recently if I had a bad bluetooth connection problem (bad quality) I would just power down the bluetooth headset which would return the call to the handset and everything was just fine. At some point my phone got upgraded to the most recent android version (4.1.2 in my case) and now I cannot power off bluetooth headsets during a call. I push the power button on the headset but the headset will not power down. It now appears there is nifty bluetooth/handset/speaker toggle just below the End Call button that allows me to toggle between bluetooth, handset, and speaker (I'm guessing that came with the latest release). When the person I'm talking to complains about the bluetooth I can tap that button and change to handset but the call is still crappy and I can't power off the headset. If I hang up, turn off the bluetooth device and call back the quality is fine. Anyone know what changed and why I can't power off bluetooth headsets during a bluetooth call? I've tried with 2 separate headsets with the same result and I used to be able to power down mid call. Please tell me this is a setting and not an "enhancement" that sucks.

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