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Can't upgrade from Android 5.0


AC Question

I have a G900V Galaxy S5 (Verizon) I tried to root it a while back, but the pencilpricks at Verizon have made it virtually impossible to root their phones. While no damage was done to my phone, (No data loss, all apps still work) I cannot upgrade from Android 5.0. I know Verizon has released the newer Android version because my roommate has the same phone and carrier, and she got it, while mine says "Up to date, no update needed at this time"

When I tried to root it, I used Odin and unlocked developer options, tried to load rom during recovery mode, didn't work, then it updated to it's current version and claims up to date status. I've also tried to update with Kies, but it also says it's up to date. So how can I get the new Android?