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Can't use Samsung S Health app after trying Dr. Fone

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Downloaded Dr. Fone app to recover deleted files on my Samsung Note 5. After downloading Dr. Fone app connected my phone with USB, app scanned my phone for some time, did not find any files, I disconnected my phone from app. Restarted my phone. Eversince I get a security messge 'Unauthorised actions have been detected', cant use Samsung Health app 'for your security samsung health can't be opened on a rooted phone'. Checked with verizon (my carrier), my phone is not 'rooted'. Called Samsung support, no help. Also I see 'LTE' and 'hurricane shape' icons on top of screens. It seems that Dr. Fone app has damaged my phone. If any suggestion to recover, please let me know. Thanks. Sam


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Apr 18, 2019
Try uninstalling and reinstalling Samsung Health app, if that doesn't work only other thing would be factory reset.


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Feb 12, 2012
To undelete deleted files, the phone must be rooted - it can't be done on an unrooted phone.

Dr. Phone roots the phone, then does some other things (I'm not making any specific accusations, but I have suspicions), then "unroots" the phone, but not completely. There are still signs that the phone may have been rooted at some time in the past. And that's why S Health won't run.

I'm afraid that, if you want to run S Health again, you're going to have to reflash the stock ROM (which is trivial, if scary the first time - see [Samsung] How to flash Stock ROM via ODIN), which means that you'll have to back up anything that didn't come with the phone and isn't backed up (see Backing up an Android Device), and restore everything after you flash the ROM.

If you can find a ROM with a CSC_HOME file, use that one and you shouldn't lose any of your data. Otherwise, if you find one with 4 files, don't load the CSC file and see if the phone still boots after flashing (which takes about 15 minutes). If that still won't do it, you'll have to flash it with the CSC file it comes with (or the single file, loaded into the AP slot) and you'll have to restore your backup.

https://samfrew.com/download/Galaxy__Note5__/0pg3/VZW/N920VVRS3CRH1/N920VVZW3CRH1/ is one source for the latest Nougat file, but, since it would take me just under 2 hours to download, I'm not going to, so I can't tell whether it's a 4-file setup (with CSC_HOME or a stock CSC file) or a single file setup. (Finding Note 5 ROMS is getting difficult, because the hone is a bit old [which is why I still have my Note 3 files on my computer - just in case].)

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