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I had my phone stolen about 2 weeks ago and ordered a replacement device from Tmobile. After setting up the phone with a new Sim card service is still unavailable because my phone says it's number is "unknown". When I try to register the device and sign in with my Samsung Account it sends a verification code to my previous number I changed a year ago when switching providers. So I try to change my number and they ask for the IMEI and serial number of any previous phone associated with the account which I dont have because it was stolen. Very unhappy with my Samsung experience, feel like they are wasting my money and patience.


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Jul 7, 2013
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Very unhappy with my Samsung experience, feel like they are wasting my money and patience.

Because you forgot to update your phone number with them when it changed? Yup, ok. You didn't have to get a new number, you could have ported it over from the old carrier (unless other circumstances such as changing from a company phone to personal were involved). This situation was preventable. To resolve it now could you possibly see if T-Mobile still has record of the previous device on your account? The box would have this information as well, it would be helpful to have record of it someplace, I usually keep the boxes from these kinds of devices.


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May 16, 2022
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I've already gone to T-mobil to have them access my previous phones IMEI and Serial Number but my Samsung account wont accept it. I changed my number intentionally due to personal reasons and never had issues with my account on the phone that was stolen, now its an issue and when I go through the proper process of resetting the number it cant verify the new phone because the new phone can't connect to any network because in the phone systems it says that my phone number is "unknown". At t-mobil they confirmed that my phone is receiving service and that my number is active but I cannot accept or make text/calls due to this network issue. The only guidance I've been given is to fix my Samsung account but Samsung is just sending me through the same cycle of verifying devices that cannot receive messages.


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Jan 11, 2014
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Things might be different or changed on newer Samsung phones but I used to work at Verizon, being unable to sign into your Samsung account shouldn't be preventing service from working.

Only thing I can think of is try to contact your old provider and see if they are able to provide you the IMEI of an older device and see if Samsung accepts that.

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! SIM card service has nothing to do with signing in with your Samsung account -- any Samsung phone should work fine without the user even having a Samsung account. If the phone can't seem to connect to the carrier network, then there's either a problem with the SIM card or the phone. Have you asked T-Mobile if the problem could be with the SIM, and if so, can they provide another SIM card to test?

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