Car dock for the Note 4

mty msi

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Dec 2, 2010
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I'm using the Craig's Docks & absolutely love it. Expensive but it's the last car dock you'll ever buy. Fits any phone w or w/o a case and/or extended battery, made of solid aluminum, no springs or plastic to wear out & the dock functionality is fantastic. I just slide my phone in the dock/mount & it auto activates the native car dock mode which activates my Car Home Ultra app. Phone is always charging/fully charged, only time I have to touch the screen is if the screen lock is on to use the fingerprint swiper to unlock it (after unlock the screen stays unlocked always w/ Car Home Ultra always on). I use a Plantronics Edge BT earpiece & OK Google to do anything I want while driving. I can't think of any more functionality I could have in the car than what I've got.