Car Dock Mode not starting Car Dock Apps


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Jan 26, 2013
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I have a Spring Samsung Galaxy S3 and I use an iBolt Dock in my car. When I connect my phone to my ibolt dock, Car Dock mode is enabled, and CarHome Ultra starts and becomes my homescreen. Media Audio plays through dock/aux car stereo and phone calls would play through Parrot bluetooth (turned on/off by CarHome Ultra).

I used Sonalight Text by Voice app, and it has a setting to start when phone is car docked, but it would never start/stop when docked/undocked. I figured it was an error with the app, and got around it by having it start when bluetooth was turned on/off. My bluetooth went out on my car, so now I have phone calls go through the phone's speakers (SUCKS but what else can you do), but Text-by-voice app isn't starting because I'm no long using bluetooth.

I then started using AutoGuard Dash Cam app, and it also has a setting to start/stop recording when phone is car docked/undocked. but it too doesn't want to work when car dock mode is enabled. Because two different apps have this feature and they're both are not working (starting/stopping with car docking) I'm now more inclined to believe its something with my phone/settings. Has anyone else had this issue and knows of a solution? AutoGuard has a "start background recording' widget and when you open Text-by-Voice it starts running in the background, but that's two more things I have to do when I dock my phone in my car, and they take up 2 buttons on my main CarHome Ulta homescreen (prime real estate). AutoGuard has a setting to turn off when charging is disconnected, but I have to open Text-By-Voice app and turn if off when I get out of the car. I rather everything start and stop when I dock and undock my phone.


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