Caseborne offering free samples for Fold 5 case

Jan 22, 2022
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I just had a conversation with Karl from Caseborne and he is in the final stages of releasing his new Fold 5 case with hinge protection.
If you like extreme protection, or you have tried his Fold 4 case,
you are aware of how he developed the case over the past year and how well it has done. 3 versions were made to incorporate enhancements that people proposed. Those design changes will be applied to the Fold 5 case when it is released. Karl is once again looking for people to test his case so please feel free to use the link below to sign up for a free case.

NOTE I am a user of his case as well and not affiliated with the company in any way. Just want to help a local company get their product out there.
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Mar 2, 2011
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I've decided to forgot the rugged cases and stick (at least for now) with the slim case with S Pen holder from Samsung that I got with the credit. I actually like it - and the S Pen is barely a bulge now. I've decided to no longer get a case to protect to the spine. The phone feels really compact and the S Pen is readily available.

Also, to be honest, my Caseborn case for the ZF4 case broke, and then the next version I got of it also broke - just from regular use. I hope these latest versions are sturdier if I want to go back for all around protection.