Casting issues to Google Home Devices


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Aug 26, 2010
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Recently, over the holidays I wanted to cast audio to my whole house speaker group. But the group and many of my speakers were not there for casting.

I can, however, tell google a home speaker "Play xyz on whole house speakers".

When in an app such as YTM or Pandora. I would only show a few tvs and one Nest wifi point to cast audio/video to.

Finally having a chance to sit down and figure this out I searched google with no luck. On a hunch, I looked at my phone's wifi and it was using the 5ghz wifi instead of the 2ghz wifi I always use.

I switched it to 2ghz wifi and all speakers showed up.

Apparently, pixel phones (maybe when connected to a Nest mesh) will connect to what it thinks is the best wifi signal. So when it switched to 5hrz wifi, I lost most all of my speakers and all my groups which were all set up with my 2ghz wifi.

Anyone else have this issue? - What are my options, to somehow force the phone to not switch wifi points while at home or delete my 5ghz wifi connection?

I guess ideally, the best solution would be for the home speakers to use ether the 2 or 5 ghz wifi options in my home like my phone.

I noticed while setting up some smart plugs that only do 2ghz wifi I could not connect them until I switched the phone to 2ghz from 5ghz. So while maybe in some cases a nice feature, it becomes a problem in my world where all smart devices need to be on the same exact wifi.