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Certain apps won't connect to the internet on my wifi

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Hi there. I've been having a bit of a weird issue where certain apps (eg. Netflix, Amazon Music, Amazon Shopping but not Amazon Video and other apps) won't connect properly but 95% of apps work fine. For example, the Reddit app and other generic internet browsing works fine. When I try to log in to Netflix for example it just sits on the logging in screen with the swirling icon for ever. This only happens on my home wifi and if I try other wifi it connects and works fine. However, when I then come home and try and do anything in the app it just tries to load content and never goes anywhere.

This is happening on a new phone I just got (Nokia 7.1, 4gb ram and 64gb storage running android 8.1.0) and I set it up with the backup from my old phone (Wileyfox Swift 2 plus). I have tried most things I can think of to fix it: I have restarted my phone, reinstalled the problem apps, cleared data and cache on problem apps, turned off Google smart lock, reset connection info, reset my phone completely (not restoring from my old phone back up), updated the firmware on my router, restarted my router. My old phone still works fine with all the 'problem' apps. I also have an android tabled that I log into Netflix on and it works fine on that.

One slightly strange thing I notice was that if I look at the device ID in the Amazon Music app on my new Nokia it shows my old phone device id (swift2plus) and when I did download some music on another wifi connection it never asked to authorize my new device.

I'm at a bit of a loss so any advice/help you could give would be much appreciated.