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Chances of Upgrade Promo for Moto X Owners


New member
May 17, 2010
Is there any chance that Motorola will offer a promotion for Moto X owners to upgrade to a Moto X? On one hand, I love my Moto X. But I bought my Sprint Moto X on launch day from Sprint, meaning: (1) I did not get to customize on Moto Maker; (2) I did not receive any promos -- no Moto Skip; (3) no screen repair. Even worse, shortly after I bought the phone, the price almost immediately tanked.

In fact, Motorola does not even place a high resale value on its own phones. A Moto X on the Mototradein website is worth $60. A Samsung Galaxy S4, meanwhile, is $120. An iPhone5 is worth $170. And even an iPhone 4S is worth $80.

All this to say that I need to think twice about shelling out a lot of money for another Moto X -- some kind of incentive would help. And there is some precedent here - Apple provided a credit to early iPhone buyers.

What are the odds that Moto tries to leverage its existing user base with some kind of promotional effort?


Moderator Captain
Nov 16, 2010
Little chance IMO.

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New member
Aug 27, 2010
I would recommend waiting 1-2 months to see how the x+1 I'd received. If it is a runaway success it might hold value on swappa and won't see huge sales. If its a niche phone like the x it'll probably be on sale before Xmas for $100 off or more.