Change your boot animation and battery icon


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Dec 1, 2010
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jaekar99, please gank this for your post. i started a new thread so everyone would see it.

this is a pretty cool site. cant do much with the fascinate rom, you can change your animation, battery icons, status bar icon, and notification power icons with any kernel. there are a ton of icons and animations. on the boot animation you have to make sure you select the system/media (modaco r9) in the drop down menu or stupid crap will happen.

you will need a framework-res.apk. i pulled one out of superclean 1.0.

my eventual goal is to post a how to theme thread. first in that is to learn to theme. lol. its a bit complicated. what i would like is for several folks interested in this to get together and make this happen. we will need advanced user who want to learn and those who are willing to teach. please pm me if you are interested.
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