Changed phones but kept phone number. How do I transfer WhatsApp chats to new phone?


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The standard way to transfer WhatsApp chat history from one phone to another is through Google Drive. However, in my case, the new phone has a new SIM card with a number that has been transferred from the old one and the old SIM card has been invalidated. As a result, I can't access my WhatsApp chats on the old phone any more and I can't back them up to Google Drive.

An additional complication is that the old phone cannot accept the new SIM card (mini vs. nano) so I can't temporarily move the phone number back to the old phone.

Any idea? Thank you.


Q&A Team
Jan 17, 2016
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Unless you have cleared your chats in the old phone, WhatsApp should have them on their database. If you install WhatsApp in the new device and log it in, it should recognise your phone number and open any existing chats...

Dov Elyada

New member
Dec 22, 2016
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Well, that's the problem---it doesn't!
A new idea: I might restore the number to my old phone using a nano-mini SIM card adapter, if I get one.