Changing lock screen password returns to lock screen; Locked out

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So I have got kind of a strange buggy problem. I have an LG G4 with Android 6.0. I recently encrypted my phone with the standard Android encryption method. I used a six character password for this. After about a month my phone prompted that I had to change my password because it had expired. I must change the password in order to gain entry to the phone. So, I click 'change password', type in my old password, click continue and then it returns me to the lock screen?! Locked! It never actually lets me change my password. So I'm kinda stuck.

I tried using software like dr.fone to gain entry to at least save my files, but my phones default pc connection setting is charging and since I can't gain entry, I can't set it to MTP sharing. So I can't even gain entry through my PC.

Is this a known bug? I couldn't find anything on the internet about this. Anybody have any idea? I know I can just factory reset, but I really want to try saving my files. There's some pretty important stuff on my phone.

Thanks in advance,



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