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Sep 4, 2010
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I did some searching and it looks like I may not be the only one with this issue. Just a heads up if any of you are having the same issue.

I noticed while charging I recently started getting the message "use the original charger for a faster charge" or something to that effect. The phone would also stop charging and start randomly. I'm using the cable and wall plug that came with the phone. So I stopped at Verizon and was told that there is a short in the cable or something is loose and they have been seeing it quite a bit. I was given two options to fix the issue. Take a USB 2.0 cable and be done or call Samsung and file a warranty claim and have a 3.0 cable mailed to me. So I called Samsung, no issue getting a replacement, they emailed me an address label and told me to send mine in and they would mail me another one.

A few things just didn't sit right with me...Verizon said they weren't given any Samsung 3.0 cables so they offer a 2.0 and tried to convince me it was the same. She called it a USB with HDMI. I asked if she just meant USB 3.0 as I knew it and she told me I was wrong. Oh well...The other part is I have to mail my charger off for them to send me another one. Which will take a few weeks. I am fine using an old usb cable but it just seemed cumbersome. They have the Samsung Experience in most best buy stores, why not incorporate a simple tech support with that? I don't want to get into the Apple vs. Samsung argument but I will say that was great about having an iPhone. If you had an issue, visit a store and it was handled.

If you are having charging issues. Call Samsung and use an old usb cable until you get a new one. Verizon will only try and give you a 2.0 cable.

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Apr 17, 2012
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That does suck but at least you're getting a free one. It would be nice if they used the stores though.

Also you're right.. The USB cord is USB 3.0..she was the one in the wrong :).

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