Charging Issue


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Aug 20, 2013
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Previously when I charge my phone and it goes 100%, after 15-20mins the red led light (which indicates that my phone is still charging) will turn into green and the fully charged notification will come out.

But last week I just noticed that after 1hour of being in the 100% charging state the "full charge, please unplug the charger" notification doesn't show and red led light is still up and I am worried that the phone is still charging even if the battery is fully charged and my battery would swell which is what I want to avoid.

So what are the possible problems/solutions? ( I already did the factory reset like 5 times already and I didn't install any others apps other than those which are pre-installed).

There are times that it will turn green and the fully charged notification will show up but the problem still persist frequently so I'm quite worried for my battery.