Charging problems since the Oreo update on s7edge

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Ever since my S7 Edge "upgraded" itself to Oreo a few weeks ago, I've been having trouble with charging.

First, it doesn't always recognize its fast charger. Sometimes, at random, when I plug it in it doesn't initiate "fast charging" but normal "cable charging" instead, and this then seems to take over 12 hours to get from 15% to 100%.
This is too slow even for "slow charging".
If I notice this and replug the charger, and turn fast charging off and back on, then it charges "fast" as it normally would.

The other thing it does is, when I charge it on a charger which isn't a "fast charger", it hardly charges at all. If I try to use the phone while charging it on a slow charger, the battery percentage keeps dropping even though the battery indicator in the upper right corner displays "charging". As if the charger isn't strong enough. But it used to be, the same charger!

Other than that, the battery lifetime seems normal, it doesn't seem to get drained any faster than usual. It just seems like charging has become really slow and difficult for it.

And all this started happening out of the blue after the latest system upgrade.

Does anyone have the same problem?

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