Charging Question?


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Dec 1, 2014
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Hello all. My sprint gs5 has been taking forever to change these last 2 days. Like 1% ever 3-5 mins on the original charger from the box. I then tried using an old charger and got the same results. Last night i threw it on the charger and just let it go. It was at 100% when i woke up.

My question. I was outside the other day in 12' weather for around 5-6 hours. Could this have messed up my battery? Im also thinking it is my battery because over the thanksgiving holiday i was in and out of the house and batter percentage ran low so id throw it on the charger but would only have time to let it charge to 30-50% then have to leave again and after this eratic charging is when i started seeing issues.

Please help!