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Chase App Locks Up Check Picture Remote Deposit


New member
Feb 21, 2021
I am using a Pixel 2 and when using the Chase App, I am unable to take a picture of the check as I once used to be able 3 months or so ago. The app works well until you click the Camera Icon to take a picture, then the screen flickers once, and is locked up at that point. I've deleted all data, cache in the App, deleted the App and reinstalled. Nothing I've tried works. Chase is no help at all...


Active member
May 30, 2011
That app was updated January 26th. Possibly it got biffed at that point. Might try a reinstallation, can't hurt. Checking the reviews I see lots of people complaining about a whole slue of different issues. I've not had any problems but I only use it for my credit card account.