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Cheapest way to tether kindle fire/ smartphone plans

Aiyana Leigh

New member
Jan 4, 2014
Ok i posted a few days ago some questions about tethering the kindle fire hd 2nd generation. I did not receive any replies back. So i hit up verizon and bought a verizon jetpack. It cost me 85$ for the device, which i will receive 50$ back after a mail in rebate. Then it costs 50$ per month for 5gb of data.

Originally I wanted to buy a phone, but it was going to cost over 100$ for just two gigs of data and I wanted to tether my kindle to it. But, the reason why the smartphone plan is ending up so expensive is b/c of verizons share everything plan. it is 40/month for the phone, then 60 for 2gb of data.

So i still am debating whether i want a smartphone or not. I was thinking there must be a way to get verizons data only plan, and then tether my kindle in an "illegal" way. So i would not have to pay an extra 40 for the device under the share everything plan How would one go about doing this? Is this even possible? If it were possible, would I have to root the phone or the kindle? I am new to smartphones, but pretty good with computers, so i am sure i would figure it out....but I dont want to void any warranties. I am not sure if i could turn my smartphone into a hotspot with verizon under a data only plan. Does anyone know? AAnd what the hell is a good phone to buy? I wanted to buy the Lg G2 but i have been reading it doesnt work as a hotspot wirth the kindle.

I dont know.....does anyone have any ideas? I mean is there a cheaper way to do all this? Like go through another company instead of verizon? But then u have to buy a phone outright.....right? Where would i find an unlimited data plan. I thought everything was unlimited now, for like 100 a month...but boy was i wrong lol. Well thanks in advance!


AC Moderator All-Star
Nov 25, 2010
I'm not familiar with Verizon's policies on tethering but I can confirm I recently tethered my HTC One on Sprint to kids Kindle Fire HDX 7" which Verizon happens to offer on their network.