Chinese Android stereo, USB crashing while playing songs.


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Jul 21, 2019
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Hi All,

I recently updated my stock stereo to this unbranded Chinese Android stereo

I have managed to get this fully working, however I have 2 faults, the radio has a shocking signal, so I have added a DAB aerial to the car, this has improved it slightly but its still pretty poor, on to fault 2...

I have loaded a 64gb usb stick up with 25gb worth of MP3 songs, the radio detects the songs and will play them but it freezes while playing songs, if I skip a song it will play the next song but this will then freeze.
It's incredibly rare the radio will play a song all the way through without freezing.
I installed a secondary music playing app in case this was the fault, however the new app has exactly the same fault, but when this freezes it will display an error message saying "file name:...(song name) is invalid" even though it has just played 30 seconds plus of the song?
I have entered the developers options and limited running apps to 2, and I have forced the usb to operate 1.1 rather than fluctuate, this hasn't helped at all.

anybody have any ideas?

here are some pictures of the unit if that helps.


Feb 23, 2011
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These wannabe radios have notorious reputations. Even without technical problems like you're having, they just don't sound that good. In your case, I'd try to get a refund on it (not even bothering with an exchange). Being that it's a no name brand, the best I can say is good luck on that front.

Car audio is a hobby of mine, so if there's a specific goal or something you have in mind, I can try and help get you on a better path.

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