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Chromecast causing issues with hdmi imput on AV receiver with Roku 3.


New member
Jun 17, 2010
I have a AV receiver with 3 hdmi imputs. One for TV,one for Roku 3, and one for Chromecast. I have my chromecast powered through wall plug so it is always on. It's been plugged in since Monday. Today when I went to use my Roku 3 I was getting a red line flicker on my tv. When I removed the Chromecast from the hdmi imput the Roku worked great. No red line. I think the Chromecast is running hot that it affects the Roku hdmi imput? So far the Chromecast was not affecting the TV imput.No red line flickering. What I did to solve the issue so far was plug the chromecast into the hdmi extender and the extender into the AV receiver. That worked to remove the red line flickering on the roku. Should the chromecast be unplugged when not in use so it does not get hot?


New member
Nov 24, 2010
Chromecast is designed to stay left plugged in and turned on. I would bet it goes to "sleep" after a while. Knowing the model of receiver you have might be helpful. I wonder if heat is your issue radiating back into the amp?

I have a Roku2 plugged into my Yamaha amp and it works well. I had to reboot the roku yesterday because the menus were slow but everything worked fine after a reboot.