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Jul 24, 2012
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I'm thinking of getting a ?40 Chromecast on Amazon (don't know why people rage about the price, Google will sell for about ?30 on release).

The two things I note about these US imports are 1. US plug, 2. Need to change WiFi frequencies on home router - both of which can be easily overcome.

He only thing that would put me off is if when Google release it in the UK I was in any way disadvantaged - eg. Not able to run UK only features such as casting BBC iPlayer or Channel 4 OD. Would my hardware be 100% the same and any advice?

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Nov 21, 2012
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I'm UK. My review over at Amazon UK is under Mike_Amazon. Short answer is we don't know for definite, but as my UK GP content works fine, I can't imagine that apps released specifically for us won't work on an imported US device. I'm certain the hardware would be the same.

You'll know that neither Google nor Amazon themselves are selling it over here. It's mainly Amazon re-sellers, and according to some reviews, some importers are removing the US wall plug. In any event, if your TV has an available USB socket, that will provide power, or you might already have a UK mains to USB output converter. A phone one would probably do. If yours did come with a US plug, it works on 100<>240v so would be OK anyway with a holiday type US to UK adaptor.

Apparently it's designed to work on the 2.4 GHz channel. Ours is a dual channel BT Home Hub 4 and it selected that fine.

Even now, I can cast a chrome browser running any of the UK broadcaster's catch up services to the gadget from our laptop fine, although it is resource dependant. I don't need to anyway as we have them all on our YouView PVR. I wanted Chromecast to add Netflix and Google Play to our TV lineup and to that extent I'm delighted with it.

For what it does, and its potential, it's a steal, even with the UK mark up. Go for it.


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Mar 29, 2010
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One of my closest friends lives in the UK and I shipped him a US Chromecast and it works flawlessly across the pond without issue.

I cannot see a situation where a UK application would not work with a "US" device. I travel with my "US" Chromecast around the world and if forget to enable my VPN sometimes Netflix displays different country specific content and I am able to cast that content without issue.


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