Cleared cache now can't sign back in.

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Shellcracker here, I cleaned my cache in my web browser yesterday because I got some of those annoying fake "alert" redirects in chrome(do not worry, I know not to click on anything in those). Ran a virus scan, quick and full just to be sure, and it found no signs of infection.

However, now I cannot log back in after clearing the cache as I have forgotten my, password, and I clicked "forgot password", entered my email/username, and verified im not a bot and clicked reset password. Button greyed out so I assumed it worked.

Checked after a few minutes, did not get a reset link to my email, so i tried again adter an hour. Same thing, never got a reset link to my email. Tried it again and tried waiting 24 hrs this time, but still can't get a password reset link.

What's happening?

J Dubbs

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Jun 4, 2016
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I also got the same "your pc has been infected scan now" redirect that popped up on the Edge browser on my pc... that was the day before yesterday when the forums were also inaccessible. What's up guys? If there's issues behind the scenes give us a heads up so we can at least be prepared ;)

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