Climbing Dragon - Climb to the top! Dodge the spikes!


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Mar 14, 2014
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Climb to the top! Dodge the spikes!

Help the dragon to reach the top of the tower dodging all the evil spikes in his way.

Tap the screen to make the dragon jump from one wall to the other and dodge the spikes.

There are six furry dragons of different colors, they change every time you play!

This fast paced action furry game about dragons climbing towers will keep you playing for a lot of time as you try to beat your high scores or your friends top scores. Reaching the end of this tower as a dragon is not easy as well as it isn't jumping to avoid the enemy spikes.

Compete with your friends and share your scores with awesome leaderboards.

There are five achievements in this game, can you get them all?

Time for the furry dragon to rise and jump!

Download the game: