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Feb 1, 2011
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As you know, there are plenty of cloud storage options.
I'm this close to moving all my data (bar financial) to one.

- Do you recommend Google Drive?
- What are your thoughts on the other options available?

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Jan 18, 2015
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I use cloud storage quite bit, for personal stuff and for 2 small businesses. I have experience with Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon, SugarSync, and a few others. I've used them with Android, Windows and Linux. Also, I have Google Fiber gigabit Internet so I can really stretch the limits of cloud services.

So, very briefly, my 2 cents worth...

Dropbox is the fastest for most transfers. Dropbox is also the most versatile. If it can be done, Dropbox can probably do it. The only one I tried that has a Linux desktop client.

Google Drive is good, no doubt. Not as fast as Dropbox, but faster than most and getting faster all the time. Good versatility and improving.

Amazon is fast but kinda drove me crazy.
SugarSync seems all-around just fair and I fear its days could be numbered. and a couple of others I tried have gone belly up lately.

All the others I've tried are either slower, or lack features or both.
I have not tried OneDrive even though I've had the chance. Microsoft makes me crazy.

To me, speed and features are important, but maybe the most important factors of all is dependability and stability. Meaning, is the service reliable so my data is available when I need it, and can it be counted on to keep my data long-term? I don't want to spend time setting up a service and uploading hundreds of GB of data and then get an email telling me the service is shutting down and I'd better download my data pronto.

Google Drive gets high marks for both. My master cloud storage, the big one all our other cloud storage accounts sync to, is a Google Drive account.
Dropbox scores high too. I don't think Dropbox is going anywhere. The only non-Google cloud account I've kept is Dropbox.

Some others like OneDrive or Amazon are in long-term but for various reasons are not my choice. YMMV.

I want to put in a good word for CloudHQ. Not a storage service, it's a storage sync service. It can sync various cloud databases in almost any way you can think of. Has been very useful and trouble-free for us.
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Oct 9, 2012
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Well, for future development, Drive will have a ton of money & R&D behind it, so it can only get better. I use Drive for most of my storage, along with a little Dropbox and box, but Drive gets most of my storage. I previously tried Amazon, Copy, Sugar Sync and they all failed IMHO.