Color/Contrast, auto-brightness, and AutoBrite?


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Dec 18, 2010
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So, as I indicated in some other threads, I actually returned my Excite 10 because colors were inconsistent and contrast was poor. Another member mentioned that turning of auto-brightness helped with this issue, and I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing the same.

I ask specifically because I've been looking at an Excite 7.7, and I'm seeing some of the same things. At times, the screen is the best I've seen on an Android tablet (it's AMOLED), which rich colors, excellent contrast, sharp text, nice "white" whites, etc. At other times, it's less so--temperature gets much colder, i.e., whites are more blue, and contrast is reduced.

I'm really thinking it's due to Toshiba's AutoBrite tuning, which adjusts contrast and brightness based on what's on the screen. I think it's going a bit wonky and needs to be tuned (or an option to turn it off would be good). That's probably tied to auto-brightness, although on the 7.7 I'm not seeing an improvement when I turn it to manual brightness.

This forum seems a bit slow lately, but if you're checking in and can provide feedback, that might help. I have a line to the engineers, and any information on this being a more widespread problem would be helpful.

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