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Color display and flickering ( galaxy s5)


New member
Nov 10, 2015
Hi :) i own a galaxy s5 phone .
So I've been experiencing screen flickering for the past 3 weeks or so . It only happens when brightness is lowest ( 5% or less battery ) and the bottom 2/3 of the screen is flickering .

Searching all around the internet for answer I still couldnt find a solution , but i found out how to perform a hardware test ( write *#0*# in the dialpad ) . Everything works great , but i noticed that when i do a subkey test ( testing the volume buttons and home buttons , power buttons and the right and left buttons next to the home button ) the colors displayed are really dim comparing to my brother phone ( also galaxy s5 , both are updated ) his colors were bright .
When i press volume up button i get a light grey screen and its flickering exactly like it does when i have <5% battery , and also for me pressing volume up shows light grey screen , for my brother its white .
Also I should mention we have the same settings yet his phone is much brighter at max brightness .

Could you help me solve flickering and why do my phone's color display id different than my brother's ? Thanks in advance .