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Jan 21, 2017
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Introducing the Skywire: The Comic Book Game app on Android. Play as a brand

new superhero created to defeat a robotic villain with intensions to control the

world. This animated comic book game features additional plane add-ons, along

with in game power-ups in order to assist the superhero in the most challenging in

game experience. Control the superhero’s plane with a touch of a finger in order to

evade various obstacles imposed and controlled by the villain himself. You’ll

experience the most challenging gameplay, as you work to defeat the villain in

multiple boss-battles throughout this comic book series.

Are you not easily persuaded? In-app game add-ons can be purchased with collected

currency installed within the comic book gameplay. Additional items will be

rewarded periodically through promotional codes found throughout the game, and

on the developers/company’s social media pages.



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