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Sep 7, 2010
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Currently I'm using an iPhone 5 and loving it but I really loved the S3 and really want the new Note but feel its too big for me to use every day. I'm really excited about 4.2 Jelly Bean and can't wait to see what 5.0 has in store this year. With the use of quad core and LTE being common and 1080p screens becoming the norm this year I feel that this is the year cell phones will sort of hit a plateau with technology and begin to level out and that's why this year I am going to finally completely commit to the Galaxy S IV or whatever they call this years flagship phone. With that said I just want to know how many people are holding out hope for the new Galaxy S phone to blow them away and get one on launch day.


Jan 7, 2013
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This week will tell you a lot about the year to come. Several new amazing devices have already been shown at CES and there's bound to be plenty more by weeks end.

Personally I ditched iOS years ago, and although my wife had a new iPad from her company I've never even been slightly tempted. The user experience is vastly different these days, and Project Butter has done a great job of improving the smoothness of Android so that its on par with Apple.

Different strokes for different folks... but Android is really my cup of tea, especially on any of the newest devices. I'm looking to get a Nexus 4 (as I don't like the Samsung form factor as much)... but will be waiting to see what's going to come up at CES.

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