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Coming from an Apple Watch Series 4 to Samsung Health - any advice


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Sep 1, 2012
Before I purchased my S10+ and Galaxy Smartwatch I had an Apple Watch. While the Apple watch irked me about some things (inconsistent heart readings), I liked that it monitored and recorded my heart rate periodically and alerted me to that effect. It had its flaws but, at the same time, it did detect some heart issues.

What I am looking for is something that monitors my heart rate to alert me when the heart rate is erratic or something that monitors my heart rate more frequently (not necessarily constantly). I noticed that my Samsung Smartwatch does it when I am resting but monitors it periodically. It also has an option to measure it 24/7 but I think that is too excessive. Also the data analysis seems limiting at best.

Is there something out there that might give me a similar analysis to the Apple watch? Is the Samsung Smartwatch the best option for heart rate tracking other than the Apple watch?