Coming from iPhone, Palm Pre or Hero?


Sep 20, 2009
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Hey guys, hopefully some of you can enlighten me on a few things Android. I was about to buy a Pre when the Hero caught my eye. I like the sense UI, but I've been looking at the Android apps in the site, and well, they look like ass. U-G-L-Y. Is that because the SDK for Android isn't as refined as that of Apple or Palm? I realize that Palm has very limited Pre apps at the moment, but they look great, and I think I like the multi-tasking better than just running widgets (if I have that comparison right). Also, it seems there are a great number of naked girl apps versus actual useful apps. I'm kinda, underwhelmed. Could someone shed some light onto the allure of Android?

I'm liking the interface of the Hero, but if all the downloadable apps look like they were coded by my neighbors geeky 14 year old, I don't think I'll be happy.


Jun 19, 2010
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First, Android is open source, that OS the real seller that stands out.

There are more ways of multi tasking than just widgets.

The app store is growing larger everyday

And the UI is pretty much completely customizable

Andrew Ruffolo

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Jan 5, 2010
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Up until recently, apps had to take up very little space. This is true with the Hero, but not as stringent as other even older devices with half the internal memory (looking at your G1 and your 70ishMB). We get 159MB, which isn't bad, but it isn't nearly as good as a lot of the newer phones that offer more. Plus, apps2sd is more common now since it was introduced natively in 2.2 (if the developer allowed) but has been around for the rooters for some time now. Games are coming out in full force now because a lot of the phones are coming with GPU's (don't try a 3D game on the Hero, it doesn't have a GPU to speak of and will make you want to throw the phone out the window, but its 2D games run great!, so there are still plenty of fun games in the market to choose from). Palm has very very few good apps. I know, I made the switch from the Pre to the Hero, and would never look back. And don't look for a new device from Palm for a while, I think HP wants to use WebOS in other areas, and HP's hardware track record isn't great, so you're still looking at a polished turd even if they do release a new device.

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