Comparison - Spigen Rugged Armor and Incipio DualPro


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Mar 22, 2010
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I've gotten both the rugged armor and the dualpro cases.

The Spigen Rugged Armor has a very good, snug fit. It doesn't add much bulk to the phone and appears it would offer protection from bumps and from a fall from a short distance. It does cover the power and volume buttons but the power button on the case is textured just like the button on the phone. I thought that was a nice touch. The headphone and USB port openings are quite big to accommodate variance in cable sizes. For the camera, there are two openings. One opening is just big enough to allow exposure of the lens and flash. The other smaller opening is just big enough to accommodate the focusing sensors. I thought that maybe it might have been too much covering and have a negative affect for focusing but I haven't noticed it to cause issues. The opening for fingerprint sensor is just enough to allow access. There is a slight lip around the front glass, just enough so that if you place the phone face down it wont be touching the surface it's placed on.

The Incipio Dualpro was the second case I got. It has two layers, an inner flexible layer and an outer shell that is hard but has a very nice soft touch feel. The fit however is a concern. It almost seems as the case is just a hair larger than what it should be for the phone. You can easily pull out the edges on the sides of the screen and reveal the phone. At the top edge of the screen I could see light showing through the headphone jack opening.. The case is definitely not as snug fitting as the rugged armor. Compared to the rugged armor this case adds a little bit more bulk but it feels like it would offer more protection, especially from a drop. It does not have a textured power button like the rugged armor. The openings for the headphone jack and USB port offer less room for cables. The camera opening is a larger opening than on the rugged armor. It's a single opening that exposes the flash, lens and sensors for focusing. The opening for the fingerprint reader is noticeably larger than on the rugged armor. This could be nice for those that enable the swipe for notification feature as it allows more room for finger movement across the sensor.

So after comparing the two I went back to the Rugged Armor. I really wanted to like the dualpro for the extra protection it seems to offer without much more bulk but I couldn't get over the fit of the case. Part of that could just be properties of a 2 piece design but I do feel they made the case just slightly bigger than it should have been causing it not to be as snug.

I've got one of the grey cases from the Google store coming next week so I'll give that a try and see if it can beat out the rugged armor. Hope this helps someone out there.

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