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I've got a S205G, and was thinking about a swap to the iPhone13Pro or the new Pixel6Pro ... but, I'm confused by the spec differences when I put them side by side.

My understanding was that the new iP13pro was kinda a big deal in hardware, but I see all sorts of specs that appear to be lower than my older S205G. At the same time, the new Pixel6Pro similarly seems to fall short of a bunch of specs my S205G has.

So am I missing something? Is the S205G a technologically superior phone? Or is there something about how the iP13pro and Pixel6pro chips and software work that make them better phones?

As to why I was looking at the upgrade, my S205G has taken some abuse, so it needs fixing or replacing. And I like the idea of moving to a phone that uses it's own assistant ( ie. I use Google Assistant on my S205G, and not Bixby ).

Things most important to me are voice assistant for email, phone, text, and general questions ... call sound quality ... and browsing experience in terms of speed, graphics, etc.

Any quick thoughts on how those 3 phones stack up would be appreciated.

Cheers and thx in advance!

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Keep in mind that Apple has always had the advantage of maximally optimizing their phone firmware for the hardware, since they control almost everything about the phone. This means the phone's performance can be significantly better in various respects compared to an Android phone with generally comparable hardware. Now that Google can control almost everything about the Pixel 6 (since they're using their own in-house SoC now), that means they can really optimize the firmware just like Apple does for iPhones. So even if the hardware specs on paper or the benchmarks reported by benchmarking apps make the Pixel 6 look less powerful than the S20, it doesn't necessarily reflect real world usage.

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