Connected as an Installer


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Dec 11, 2013
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LG Optimus F6 running 4.1.2

I have USB connection type set as MTP under "system settings" -> "pc connection" ->"usb connection type".

Every time I plug the phone in to my PC (Windows7 x86_64) a notification appears on the phone "connected as an installer. A D: drive appears in Windows containing the autorun driver files. I either have to click on this drive letter, at which point it immediately tells me the drivers are installed and the phone switches to MTP. Or wait 30 seconds for it to time out, at which point the drive is unmounted, MTP is enabled and a "LG D500" portable device folder appears on Windows desktop. If I happen to open "USB connection type" in Android system settings while it's waiting for the timeout, I get a message "Checking PC driver...if PC driver is already installed or you are a Mac user press skip"

Is there anyway to stop this? Assume that the required drivers are installed and go directly into MTP?

T-Mobile don't support the driver software for Windows, LG told me to reinstall my Android software, which will be about the final thing I try.

Googling I see other people having the exact same problem (different phones) but no resolution other than to wait or "skip".