Connectivity Problems when streaming radio or news


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Feb 5, 2016
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We bought the View 2 months ago...wanting something to listen to the radio online, as well as live stream news...we got rid of our cable TV package and thought that this would do the trick...and our macbook pro laptop has a very cranky internal wireless card and we have not be able to find an external USB adaptor that works with our current "el capitan" operating system....we can hook up a 50' cord to our counter to the mac book, but this is quit the tripping hazard...

With our "View" we are experiencing what I would call "streaming" issues...maybe these issues are typical of this or any tablet and/or of live streaming through the internet, but it has made our level of satisfaction of having the expensive, nice looking 18.3" View very low at times...

For example, we dowloaded the app called Radiopup, which is a highly recommended app that allows you to listen to your favorite radio broadcast live...the problem is that the radio cuts out or stops if we go directly to that radio stations website & try to listen live, we get the same problem of it cutting out or it just stops...sometimes the app is still on the screen and we have to hit the play button...and sometimes the app gets closed down and a message comes up saying that the app has closed it appears to be an App & website issue...

Another example, is when we want to listen to a live weather newscast with our local Philadelphia news station 6abc...we've tried both the android App and going directly to their website...both are sporadic, when it comes to watching their live streaming news...again, it appears to be an App and website issue...

But because we have a tablet, when we go on websites, they want you to use the App to get the most content, but the Apps don't work well in these situations of streaming audio and video live...

What we've done:

1) Performed a factory reset on the Tablet
2) Cleared the Cache for those Apps that were not working well
3) Performed a reboot of the Tablet (holding the power & up-volume button at the same time)
4) Uninstalled and reinstalled Apps that were not working well.

Our wireless router is in direct site of the Tablet and works perfectly with our other devices...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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