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Feb 20, 2013
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I'm having this issue with my contacts but its not really limited to the G3. I believe it has to do with Android period. For some reason all my contacts get synced to my phone even though on all 3 of my Google accounts I have Contacts synced turned off. It pisses me off to all hell because one of those accounts is my work account and other than my email I want my job to "stay away," from my phone. The problem is when I go to the Dialer and start dialing I see all these work contacts or when I go to the Contacts app and have the "Contacts to display," settings set to All contacts I see them as well. I know in the Contacts app I can change the settings to only show contacts from the phone but when I go to the dialer it still shows up. The also show up in Textra when trying to compose a text even though in Textra I have selected the "only display mobile contacts."

This is my 2nd Android phone and I had the same problems on the previous. My previous phone was an HTC One m7 and just recently got the LG G3. This problem is infuriating and was hoping someone out there had a solution.

Apps Affected:
1) Stock Contacts
2) Stock Dialer
3) Textra

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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I wonder if the work contacts initially synced before you got a chance to uncheck the sync box in the Settings>Accounts menu. If they initially synced, they might remain in your phone's People app--they're just not syncing further with your Google account.

Assuming you don't have any contacts saved to the Phone account, go to Settings>Apps>All, select Contacts or Contact Storage, and Clear Data. Now go back to Settings>Accounts-Google, and select the account that you do want to sync. Make sure Contacts is checked there, and then make sure it's unchecked in the other accounts. Let the People app sync again, and see if it works this time.

The reason why I mention about not having any contacts saved to the Phone account is that Clearing Data might wipe those contacts completely.

The other thing to consider is if Textra is pulling in all contacts from all Google accounts, and those are being synced with the phone's People app as well. I don't use Textra, so I can't be sure--have you looked through all of its settings?

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