Continuing problems with my Samsung A12 Smartphone


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Mar 5, 2023
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I never had a smartphone before. I wanted to get my feet wet without spending a lot of money so I went least investment Samsung Galaxy A12.
About 9 months in I added a SSD Card because I was going on a trip to Western NC. As soon as I added that card I had problems.
I use the Samsung messages app. I would send a message but phone would tell me that it was unable to send message then. If someone sent me an image it would take forever to download. If I tried to use Google Maps it would work about half the time. I finally started going to Airplane Mode which would reset the phone. But it keep getting worst. Finally I got a new Sim card and it has acted like a new phone for 3 weeks but a lot of the problems that I was having before is showing up again.

Is it because this phone is already warn out 16 months? Would I be better off getting a new S series phone. It would have more memory. My phone only has 32gb.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Does the problems persist if you remove the SD card? If the card is corrupt in some way, that can cause glitchiness.

Do the messaging issues also happen if you use the Google Messages app instead of Samsung Messages?

Who's your carrier, and how good and consistent is your mobile data signal? If mobile signal is poor and you're not connected to a good wi-fi network, that could impact performance of apps.

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