Conversation With T-Mobile A.K.A T-mobile Turd on MY Face


Jan 21, 2011
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T-mobile Customer Service Chat A.K.A Screw your Customer!

Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...

You have been connected to T-mobile

Me: I have been in contact with the service department about my current
phone, the LG Optimus T 509. I have had it exchanged once now.It has
been less than a week, I am have similar problems with new phone. I did
contact someone yesterday about this issue, we did a factory reset. I
was instructed to try the phone for 24hrs to see if the problem continued,
this was approximately 18hrs ago. At approximately 7hrs after the factory
rest the phone began to "lag" between operations which then progressed
to a completely froze/locked up phone(no buttons or screen touch was
responsive), which required pulling the battery to reset. At approximately
14hrs I had to repeat this process of pulling the battery. At this point I
would like to be refunded on the phone and the account discount credit
that was received on this phone. At which time I would also like to
purchase a new phone once all items are refunded.

T-mobile: Hi Tukami(replacing myname) , welcome to T-Mobile live Chat. I’m
the guy and I will be happy to assist you. Please give me a moment
to review your question.

Me: Hello and Okay

T-mobile: I can certainly understand your concern with this issue. I'll be
happy to get this taken care of for you.

Me: Okay Thank you.

T-mobile: I look here and I see that your phone was originally purchased
1/19/2011. Is that correct?

Me: yes

Me: I think

T-mobile: Unfortunately you're outside your 14 day buyer's remorse period.
We wouldn't be able to refund anything at this point. I do apologize
for any inconvenience.

Me: So what are our options?

T-mobile: If you're still having issues after a master reset, we'll be able to go
ahead and send you a replacement phone again. Once again, with
apologies for the inconvenience.

Me: That not acceptable! Is there someone else I can talk to that maybe able
to fix this problem or should I contact Verizon for help.

T-mobile: Who else would you wish to talk to, sir?

Me: Someone that is able to refund me on this phone! So, that I can proceed
in my contract with tmobile!

T-mobile: We value you as a customer and have a special department that is
available to our loyal, long time customers. We would be happy to
see if there is something we can offer you, to help with this
situation. I regret this department is not available over Live Chat.
If you get a chance, please call 1-800-937-8997 or 611 from your
T-Mobile phone and we will be happy to get you there.
^ I’ve been with T-Mobile for well over 7yrs!

T-mobile: Takumi, are you still there?

T-mobile: It seems you have stepped away from the computer. Unfortunately,
I'm going to have to end the session at this time. If you need
further assistance, you are welcome to chat back in at any time.
You can also call us at 1-800-937-8997 or 611 from your T-Mobile
handset. Have a great day!

Me: So my only options are to contact the number or take another piece of
**** refurbished LG phone from you to go through this stupid process all
over again how many......

T-mobile: If you speak to our loyalty department, they may be able to offer
you additional options.

Me: times before it would be clear that it isn't the individual phone it is the
lgP509 series.

Me: so that is what i will do, goood god this is stupid !!!!!!!!!!

T-mobile: I have heard a lot of good things about the LG Optimus. I'm sorry
you've had such a poor experience with it.

T-mobile: Are there any other questions I can help you with?

Me: I guess not!

T-mobile: Alright, well I do hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for
contacting T-Mobile Chat
So, now I have to call the # above and see if that will do anything.
It's funny(not funny haha but funny UHOH) when I talked to tmobile about the 1st phone messing up I was probably within my 14day grace period but by the time you get through clearing cache, factory reset, 24hrs testing after reset, getting back in contact with them because it does work still, waiting for that nice FN REFURBISHED JUNK to show up in the mail, then a few days later it crappin out. Then H311 N0 I'm not in the 14day grace period you IDIOT!
It really isn't his problem and what do I really expect from a large corporation like T-Mobile. So I wonder if the 14 day return policy starts from the order being placed or from when I receive the phone and does that include weekends or is that business days?
Whatever, So I have an:
Optimus T LG P509
Android Version: 2.2
Kernel Version:
Sun Oct 24 19:10:09 KST2010
Build Number: FRF91
Software Version: LG-P509-V10l
I am having problems with:
-Locking up/Freezing
-SdCard reading
-random reboots
-phone will randomly do almost a factory rest but it doesn't remove personal data just puts the factory icons back up and anything I have customised on home screens is removed.
So, I am wondering if root,recov,rom would fix all of this and is it possible with this version to us KSmithinNY sticky? I know there where up dates coming out for the S that would affect KSmith's instructions. So????


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Dec 5, 2010
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The lag has been discussed before as being related to the Wifi Calling feature added in with the V10L update. Try turning off the GPS and Wifi features. Another option would be to load a Custom Rom or even the Buildprops from KSmithy (Stickied). I'm running the Optimus One Custom Rom - Devoid. I have no lag and I've read many great reviews coming from the only true Optimus T Custom Rom - UbuntDroid 4. You have many options available to you due to this great community.
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Jan 21, 2011
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B-O-T (Bad Optimus T> LOL)
I was figuring this would be the best option. I don't wanna deal with script readers at TMobile anymore. Have to admit though have a little bit of the jitters :-! bought it. I do think my biggest problem is there is two much info out there. I am going to quite reading about it and give it a try. Man the new language is killing me :confused: though I am windows person(not phone) I can do just about anything on a pc but I feel like a little school girl on this phone stuff:-*. But I'm gonna get the stuff all together and give a good run through tonight when the wife goes to bed! That is the best dork time ever! ha lol!


Feb 3, 2011
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Turn off Wifi calling. My wife's Optimus works like normal with it turned off. My Optimus hasn't gotten the OTA for the WiFi calling yet. I can personally take or leave it.

Also, their chat online help is useless. I disconnected my session with them.

However, calling the customer service number and requesting technical support for a phone is not bad. I've talked to mostly knowledgeable people that way.
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Jan 14, 2011
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I recommend following the instructions in the Sticky titled
(how to) root,recovery and ROM without touching a computer, in this forum,
I printed the instructions from my computer for easy reading and to ensure I got the punctuation and spacing right. Worked like a charm!

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