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Copying pictures from Galaxy s7 to my pc with Windows 7


AC Question

I've transferred pictures from this phone to PC before. I can't get it to do now except it is wanting to transfer all photos on phone to pc. Also when I start I get the window coming up and I have to click skip all file errors before it will even start. I've got approx. 600 pictures to move. It trys to move even the ones allready on my PC, which I don't want to move them. Well the ones I'm wanting to move only about approx. 600.

Image I have a clip I can share of the deniel

I notice the file names on my computer say 2016-10-10, in my camera they would say 10-10-2016. I would like to stay with whats on my computer. Can I change the file format? on my phone to 2016-10-10?



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Feb 12, 2012
You're seeing the "last modified date", and it's formatted differently on the phone than on Windows.

As for transferring them, use Samsung's Smart Switch to back up all your pictures to the PC. Then move the ones you want to where you want them and delete the rest.