Could I have bricked my Nexus 4 when trying to remove CWM?


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Nov 28, 2014
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Need help - think i bricked my nexus 4 when trying to remove CWM

Ok guys, so I'm gonna need some serious help here! (rookie speaking)
My N4 is currently on stock 4.4.4. I got the 5.0 OTA update, downloaded it, but then when it was time to apply it the phone went into clockworkmod fastboot (I never realized it was there, once I asked a friend to root my phone but he just told me he couldn't finish the process).
So, I am currently struggling with trying to remove CWM altogether. I use ubuntu 12.04, have adb access and did successfully order it to go into reboot bootloader, but that was it. Couldn't get past that. I also did try to, through CWM's boot interface do a sideload, which I commanded via terminal with the .zip file I downloaded from the google developer website for my phone, but at the end it just said "installation aborted". How do I even get past that? Or how do I get the script to run successfully? I'm stuck! (and obviously not very knowledgeable on this).
Any help is welcome, not afraid of bricking (lol, jk, yes I am).

UPDATE: As I was typing the aforementioned post, I tried all the format options within CWB recovery mode and now the phone is forever stuck on the google logo screen. I think I've officially bricked my phone. Any workaround this or is gone forever?

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