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Could my phone be killing my charging cable?


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my phone is killing my charging cable !!!

i have a galaxy nexus , and it is fine all the way until 7 days ago , i found out when i plug in it don't charge , not until i push the charging cable to a certain position , then it will charge , eventually 2 days ago things get worst , it complete don't charge ,

i have another usb cable from nokia and i plug it into the nexus and it works , it charge , but only for 1 night , after 7 hours it don't charge like the old charge cable did ,

i realise it is the nexus that killing my charging cable , it killed 2 cable

i always turn my nexus torch all night long for 4 months already , and phone get very hot sometimes , it might be the reason it kill my charing cable

anyway i don't what to do ,


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Feb 12, 2012
Re: my phone is killing my charging cable !!!

The charging port in the phone came loose. It has to be cleaned and resoldered. That's not something you can do yourself, it has to go to a shop.